HCG Shots

Product Description

HCG is a prescription hormone. It cannot be sold over the counter or over the internet. If you are trying to purchase “HCG” in the form of drops, be advised that HCG cannot be taken by mouth. It doesn’t absorb and is digested by mouth enzymes. It has to be injected to work in the body. HCG is a protein. It needs to stay refrigerated and needs to be injected, just like insulin. Over the counter and internet forms are fraudulent and often only contain stimulants or “appetite suppressants” to keep you from being hungry. And yes, you will lose weight if you follow the diet and take an “appetite suppressant” but the difference is, without proper HCG, you will lose muscle and your metabolism will be negatively affected. Plus, it’s risky. To truly obtain HCG properly, you need a prescription from a doctor, one that is well-trained in how to give it. Click here for a listing of doctors that have been personally-trained by Dr. Emma.

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